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    Automatic Transmission Specialist Melbourne

    Transmission Mechanic Melbourne

    At Airport Automatics, we are committed to providing a high quality, automatic transmission service in Melbourne. You can be assured that when it comes to transmission mechanics in Melbourne, we have some of the most highly trained staff that come with a vast amount of experience in the field.

    Our transmission specialists in Melbourne have the required experience and skill to provide you with the best transmission services, both for automatic and manual purposes.


    This means that when you leave your vehicle with us, from beginning to end, it is inspected and fixed by the best hands in the industry. Our focus is on providing cost efficient automatic transmission services, or mechanical services to our customers that does not inconvenience them in any possible way. Our automatic transmission specialists in Melbourne, are capable of providing top notch car servicing, while having the capability and skill in dealing with multiple car services. Whether it is mechanical repairs, roadworthy certification or logbook servicing, we can assure you that our mechanics can take care of it all.

    When it comes to automatic transmission rebuilds, our team are highly qualified and thoroughly trained in all areas, so that they can efficiently cater to a wide variety of different vehicles. This means regardless of the make and model of your vehicle, we can deal with any auto transmission problems.


    Transmission Rebuild Melbourne

    We follow a strict, step by step procedure for automatic transmissions, which includes dismantling the unit, followed by a thorough clean, and inspection before we reassemble all parts with original equipment manufacturers. The assembly is done to factory blueprint specifications by our automatic transmission specialists in Melbourne, so you can be assured that there is zero compromise on the assembly of your transmission.

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    Car Service Mechanic Tullamarine

    We also conduct general car mechanical repairs, including inspecting and repairing the brake and clutch, fuel pumps, fuel injection starter motors and differential belts and hoses. We also run complete diagnostics on computer systems.

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    Roadworthy Services

    We also provide a certificate of roadworthiness, which is a necessity for registering or selling a vehicle in Victoria. Roadworthy inspections are done by our qualified and experienced specialists who can issue the certificate once the roadworthy inspection has covered the major safety related items of your vehicle.

    So, if you want your vehicle to be checked by highly qualified transmission specialists in Melbourne, then look no further than Airport Automatics. We can assure you that once our transmission mechanics in Melbourne take a look at your vehicle, they will be able to tell you exactly what needs to be done to make your vehicle run as smooth as the day you bought it.

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    Logbook Servicing

    In order to get a logbook service, you do not need to go to the original dealer, which means getting your repairs done at highly skilled service centres will not void your warranty. This is why at Airport Automatics, we provide major and minor services for your vehicle.

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    Automatic Transmission Parts Melbourne

    We have a large range of new and unused transmission paths that are sourced from leading manufacturers. We can supply transmission paths, complete rebuilds and gaskets, should you need any automatic transmission parts or accessories.

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    Automatic Transmission Repairs Melbourne

    A test drive of the vehicle with additional feedback on problems or abnormalities. A thorough inspection of the transmission on the hoist. Replacement of transmission fluid, with genuine factory manufactured fluids. Adjustment of transmission bands in the event of significant wear and tear.

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    Our Main Focus


    Airport Automatics is an Australian owned, locally operated business specialising in the repair and servicing of all type of automatic transmissions in Melbourne.


    Our goal is to ensure that all work is completed right the first time, at the lowest costs possible. So if you require a transmission service or a quote for a new automatic transmission in Melbourne, give us a call and you will not be disappointed.


    Our team offers expert automatic transmission repairs and service knowledge and experience, backed by fast, honest & reliable service in Melbourne. We are committed to providing complete vehicle service and maintenance package, at very affordable rates.




    I recommend them to all my friends if they wanted anything to do with the transmission in their car.hese guys are transmissions magicians. Superb top quality work and delivered the job just before holiday season. Thank you Chris and the team.

    Michael Santner

    I highly recommend Chris and his team for their excellent customer service, their professionalism and being experts at what they do because they specialize in it..Very friendly and reliable service.

    Noel Smith

    Would like to thank Cris and his man do a job well done. I highly recommend Airport Automatics

    Jose Lomboy

    These guys are transmissions magicians. Superb top quality work and delivered the job just before holiday season. Thank you Chris and the team.

    Michael Santer

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