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    Brake And Clutch

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    Brake And Clutch

    Brake repairs:

    No matter what type of vehicle you drive, if you are experiencing problems with your brakes, then it’s crucial to get a professional to look at them.

    There are many things which can make your brakes work ineffectively, including issues with the brake fluid and brake pads, amongst others. A leak of fluid in the hydraulics will cause weak or failed brakes Additionally over time periods depending on frequency and intensity of friction applied to the braking system, it will wear and component parts will need to be monitored, serviced or replaced. Good driving ethics and careful cautious driving can prolong brake life.From a brake fluid condition tester and a hydraulic test bench, to a disc rotor and brake drum measuring equipment, our skilled professionals will be able to check everything with the right tools.

    our friendly team will test-drive your vehicle, as well as carry out a full wheels-off inspection and a written report on all aspects of your car’s braking system. If a problem exists, we can repair your brakes swiftly and expertly to get you back on the road again as soon as possible.

    Clutch Repairs:

    We diagnose problems with your clutch to determine if a repair can be performed or if full replacement is required

    There is no definite time period or distance that a clutch should last, and while some wear out even before they hit the 50,000 km mark, some others last for more than 150,000 km. Factors that play a role in the wearing out of a clutch include: maintenance, driving style, and terrain.

    Over time your clutch will eventually wear down and begin to slip, thus preventing you from efficiently shifting gears while you drive. We offer factory replacement clutches, mild upgrades and race applications.A faulty clutch isn’t really something that you want to drive around with and if your clutch is already slipping, increased activity will only make the problem worse until you are unable to shift at all

    Clutches are not visible from the outside, so it can be difficult knowing when you will require a replacement. There are a few signs that can help determine whether you require a replacement though:
    The revs increase but there is little or no increase in vehicle speed

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