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    At Airport Automatics, we are committed to providing a high level of service to every single one of our clientele. We are only able to achieve this by adopting industry practices and adhering to extremely high standards that allows our specialists to give a comprehensive service that keeps your vehicle running for years to come.

    Our car mechanics in Tullamarine are highly qualified and are given intensive training in dealing with a variety of vehicle service and repair issues. This is one of the reasons why getting a car service in Tullamarine is ideal with Airport Automatics.

    Our automatic specialists come with a vast amount of experience in fixing different issues in a wide variety of vehicles. This has enabled them to come up with processes that are focused not just on repairing the operations of your vehicle, but also on extending the longevity of your transmission.

    You can be assured that when you go for any kind of rebuilds or transmission repairs with Airport Automatics, you are getting top notch service that is focused on fixing your car’s issues comprehensively and conveniently.

    We only quote for repairs or parts that your vehicle is in dire need of. We do not burden you with unnecessary costs and repairs. In the event of your vehicle requiring any additional work or if we find any unexpected problems during our inspection, our first step is to inform you so that you can decide if you want to go further with these repairs.

    Our car service in Tullamarine includes but is not limited to:

    General mechanical repairs where we conduct basic repairs, including inspecting your brakes, suspension, exhaust, tires, and coolant diagnosis.

    Brake and clutch repair where we thoroughly inspect the brake and clutch to identify any signs of damage or basic wear and tear.

    Fuel pumps where we check your fuel pump filters and strainers for any potential clogs caused from fuel contaminants or debris.

    Fuel injection, including EFI & carburetors where we clean up any nasty build up in your fuel system and accordingly remove any carbon deposits and flush the fuel system.

    Differentials and starter motor inspection where we inspect any differentials and starter motors to check if they are running at peak capacity, and only recommend repairs were necessary.

    Diagnostics and computer systems where we thoroughly inspect the diagnostics and automated systems in your vehicle to ensure they are running with complete updates.

    Belts and hoses, where we inspect your belt and hose for any signs of wear and tear, or any signs of coolant hose failure.

    Air conditioning, where we clear your air conditioning vents, of any debris or dirt that may be blocking the cooling systems.

    Brake hose manufacturing is where we help replace any old or damaged brake hoses to help increase the longevity of your vehicle.

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