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    CVT & DSG Transmission Service

    At Airport Automatics, we conduct the CVT transmission service and DSG transmission service in a manner that is more in depth and thorough than what you would likely get even at the original dealership. Our automatic transmission repairs in Melbourne, are highly touted for their attention to detail and immaculate level of service. When it comes to transmission repairs, Melbourne has no shortage of dealerships that are ready to conduct expensive repairs that do not do much in the way of improving the operation of your vehicle. However, at Airport Automatics, we are committed to providing a high level of service that not only improves the functioning of your vehicle, but also does so in a way that is highly convenient and affordable for all of our clientele.

    It is important to service your transmission, every 12 months to keep your vehicle and its transmission in peak capacity. Furthermore, each time your vehicle travels 20,000 kilometres, it is ideal to get the transmission checked to ensure that the transmission does not get worn out.

    At Airport Automatics, we take the following steps when it comes to your transmission service in Melbourne:

    We test drive the car to check for any obvious or apparent issues. In order to provide a comprehensive service, we ideally prefer clients to join us on the test drive, so that we can get any feedback on any problems they may have experienced in the past.

    We place the car on a hoist and conduct a thorough inspection of the transmission. This inspection is conducted by highly trained and qualified specialists who have experience in working with multiple vehicles. This enables them to easily report and identify any potential problems.

    We replace the fluid filter and gasket and the transmission fluid, with components that are sourced from leading manufacturers. This ensures that your car manufacturer’s warranty is not hampered in any way.

    Transmission bands can wear over time, which can significantly affect the fluidity of your gear changes when it comes to automatic transmission. If the transmission bands are worn out, we replace them. In the event of us not finding any issues with the transmission bands, we simply take the car for another test drive to see any improvements in operation.

    We pride ourselves on being able to conduct these services with absolute perfection and we use only the very latest in diagnostic equipment to conduct a high level of service. This enables us to find problems that normal mechanics would not be able to find and can potentially miss. The best part is that your transmission service will not take more than one hour, which means you can leave your vehicle with us, and pick it up in peak functioning condition, just an hour later.

    At Airport Automatics, we take transmission repairs in Melbourne, extremely seriously. This is one of the reasons why our CVT transmission service is highly touted and consistently recommended by all of our clientele. So, if you need automatic transmission repairs in Melbourne, simply reach out to Airport Automatics and we’ll be happy to give you a DSG transmission and car mechanic service that does not compromise on quality or convenience.

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