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    Transmission Parts Melbourne

    If you need transmission parts in Melbourne, then Airport Automatics has all you need and more.
    We are focused on providing a high quality of service that is backed up with transmission parts that are sourced from original manufacturers. This enables us to give your car the service it needs without compromising in any way on the quality of the parts. We stock a large variety of automatic transmission parts in Melbourne that allows us to cater to a large variety of vehicles.

    We have staff that are highly skilled and experienced in dealing with numerous transmission issues over different types of vehicles. They can effortlessly identify any issues with your transmission parts and can suggest the right replacements that would not only extend the longevity of your car, but also significantly improve its operation.

    When Should You Change Your Transmission Parts

    Any vehicles transmission will consist of a high number of parts because each component of the transmission is extremely crucial to its working. When any of these components are worn out or have damage, then a transmission repair is required. However, this only applies if the damage is independent of every other part of the transmission.

    Transmission repairs are ideal for problems that are on the surface level. Most issues with the transmission of this nature can easily be identified in an instant by our highly trained specialists. However, for your convenience, here are a few indicators that might denote a need for a transmission part replacement:

    Grinding or Shaking:
    If there is a grinding sound while changing gears in manual transmissions or a shaking, that is experienced in automatic transmissions, then your clutch is probably worn out or there are other underlying issues. A worn clutch can cause multiple problems in the operation of a vehicle, so whenever you notice these signs, it is ideal to bring the car in for an inspection.

    Gear Shift Issues:
    Any irregularities with shifting gears are a clear sign that your vehicles transmission is experiencing some problems. Signs like jerking or gears shifting without you doing anything are clear signs that your vehicle requires an inspection from a transmission repair specialist. The bottom line is that any issue with your car’s gears can denote underlying issues with your transmission.

    Transmission Fluid:
    If your transmission fluid appears dark or opaque, then you need to have the transmission checked out. This is because, under normal circumstances, the transmission fluid has a distinctive smell with a bright red colour that is clear.

    Unusual Sounds:
    If the vehicle is producing any sounds that it normally does not and becomes noisy when in neutral, then it could be a sign that your transmission is in trouble. This is not a confirmation that your transmission needs repairs, but 9 times out of 10 these problems can be related to the transmission.


    If you constantly smell something burning when you exit the vehicle, even in the absence of any leakage, then it could be a sign of your transmission fluid burning up. This commonly occurs due to overheating from excessive friction in the gears.

    If you finding for a transmission specialist in melbourne, then look no further than Airport Automatics.
    We only stock original factory manufactured automatic transmission parts in Melbourne, to provide you with a service that is not only comprehensive, but ensures that your vehicle gets the right parts it needs.

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